Chest Day

Building a massive chest

Arnold Side Chest

Now it is time to talk about the mighty chest! Who doesn’t want a massive chest or at least a strong sexy one? If you don’t want a slab of beef on your chest or at least an impressive chest stop reading, NOW. O.K. if you are still with us let’s get down to business and build some huge pectorals (called “pecs”) Every pushing movement, especially in sports require a strong chest.

You have probably heard it, “that to build a great chest, you need to do incline bench press.” That is true, but I have never seen a guy who could flat bench press 500lb with a small chest. So with that said this program centers around the flat bench press.

A few pointers on your bench press form:

#1 Have your feet planted firmly on the ground and do not move them at all during the movement.

#2 Arch your back as much as possible; you should be able to see daylight between the bench and your lower back, keep legs tight while pressing your heels in the floor, and chest high – Always.

#3 The bar should touch the highest point of your chest on each rep, furthermore the bar should travel in the exact line each and every rep, the more you have to stabilize the bar the more strength you lose.

#4 Tighten up your stomach, it will help stabilize your body.

#5 Finally, your entire body should be flexed and tight. As you bring the bar down take a huge breath, pause at the bottom, and hold your breath as you push the bar up, exploding off the chest and extending at arms length. Exhale at the top of the movement and repeat.

#6 Always use a spotter.


Day Two: Chest & Abs

As always we start with our power movement, which is the flat bench press. You will do 5 sets and the reps as always for your first exercise will be 15, 12, 8, 6, and 3 adding weight each set. It is ideal to add twenty total pounds on each progressive set. As a beginner you might start with five or ten pound increments, it depends on you strength level. If you can handle 80% of all your reps and sets with no spot then go up five total pounds the next week. Once again if you go up on one set you go up on all sets. One of the keys to this program is finding the right weight increments. Take a few weeks to dial in the right poundage’s for yourself. It will make all the difference in the world.

Note: You can emphasize your pectorals more if your elbows are away from your sides on the movement.


The second exercise will be the incline dumbbell press.

Pick a weight you can handle for eight-reps. Do four sets of eight reps.. Make sure you go all the way down with your dumbbell presses; you should almost touch your shoulders squeezing at the top.


The third exercise will be incline flies.

You will do three sets of fifteen reps. On this exercise we want to really stretch the pecs out. Just because it is flies does not mean it should be light. If you can do more than fifteen reps then you need to add more weight.


We will finish the chest off with two sets of push-ups to failure flexing the pecs in between each set. Flex your pecs for 60 seconds then rest for 120 seconds and repeat.


Before we get into the ab workout let’s clear up a few myths first and foremost, and list the abdominal functions.

Myth #1 Crunches or any other abdominal exercise will give you a 6- pack.

Truth: The key to accomplishing a 6 – pack is losing body fat, not ab exercises.

Myth #2 A 6 – pack means that you have strong abs.

Truth: Wrong, Wrong, And Wrong. A Strong abdominal is strong with fat or without fat.

Myth #3 Abdominal muscles are different then the other muscles.

Truth: Abdominal muscles are like any other muscle and you must work every part of your torso for complete fitness – including your back.

Myth #3 – Anyone can achieve washboard abs.

Truth: Not everyone will achieve washboard abs – genetics play an important role.

Abdominal Functions:

  1. Stabilizes – Creating a good posture for your bench press.
  2. Strong abs and Back are crucial for preventing lower back injury and pain.
  3. Everything we do, walking, bending, standing, reaching, and lifting involves abs and back.

Keep the Core Strong

If these exercises are too easy: Pay attention to your form

Abs should be done at-least two to three times a week. With this program you will only do abs on chest day. This way you are sure to include them each and every week. Along with this there are many ab classes and fun ways to train your abs. Now to our ab exercises:

This is to be done as a giant set; lay down on your back and place your hands flat down by your sides and do reverse crunches, this exercise is exactly like crunches, except your knees come toward your face instead of your face going toward your knees. Your hips should barely come off the floor while flexing your lower abdomen. Do fifteen reps. Immediately place your hands across your chest leaving your feet and knees up and do fifteen regular crunches, don’t try to raise your lower back off the floor. Instead, simply crunch your trunk by pulling your ribs toward your hips.

Without stopping do fifteen reverse crunches super setting with fifteen regular crunches.

Take sixty seconds rest and repeat this three times.

Remember: You should be exhaling and tightening your abdominal for the entire movement on every contraction.

Stick with trunk flexion movements for effective abdominal training (crunches and reverse crunches)